Six Reasons to Pray

institutes-of-the-christian-religionAccording to John Calvin (see The Institutes 3.20.1), there are six principal reasons to pray:

First, that our hearts may be fired with a zealous and burning desire ever to seek, love, and serve Him and to take refuge in Him in a time of need.

Second, that no desire and wish may enter our minds of which we may be ashamed to let Him witness, while we learn to set all our wishes before His eyes and even to pour out our whole hearts.

Third, that we be prepared to receive His benefits with true gratitude of heart and thanksgiving, benefits of which we are reminded by our prayers as having come from His hand.

Fourth, that having obtained what we were seeking and being convinced that He has answered our prayer, we should be led to meditate upon His kingdom more ardently.

Fifth, to embrace with greater delight those things we acknowledge to have been obtained by prayers.

Sixth, to confirm His providence in our minds–that He is a never-failing help in our every need.

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