Who Ya Kidding: Moonrise Kingdom Follow Up

To my surprise, my blog post on Moonrise Kingdom has become quite popular. Maybe infamous is a better word. Regardless, I get numerous hits from Google search terms every day. Even some guy at University of California cited my post.

What didn’t surprise me is that many of those who found their way onto my blog disagreed with my assertion. Some of them quite strongly. So much so I didn’t publish their profanity-filled comments.

So what did they say….

…They basically accused me of projecting my own sexual obsessions or insecurities on to an honest depiction of two innocent kids experiencing the awkward transition into sexual maturity. Yada yada yada.

Really? C’mon on guys! Who are you kidding? How did you find my blog?

I’ll show you how you found the post. Here is a snippet of a week’s worth search terms that lands people on my blog… 

You are the ones that connected the dots after watching the film and hopped online to see if anyone else had done the same.

Isn’t that how you got here? Yeah… that is how most of you got here. So spare me. You know what you watched was perverse.

Side-note: People can dissent on my blog. Dissent to your heart’s content but do it respectfully and without blaspheming God.

3 thoughts on “Who Ya Kidding: Moonrise Kingdom Follow Up

  1. That’s pretty insane! People think that just because something is natural that it should be made into a movie. There are plenty of awkward, even sinful parts of life that should not be graphically portrayed in movies. For example; using the bathroom (GROSS!), sexual relations in or out of marriage, perverse thought life… etc… To throw children in the mix is even worse!

  2. When I watched this I though that they were much older and that there was some kind of camera trick that made them look younger, in ther same way that Draco Malfoy is made to look the same age as every one else despite being older.

    When I looked up to see how old the actors were, I couldn’t belive that they were both 12 at the time filming. Then I search “Moonrise Kingdom child abuse” which I though was appropriate. I also thnk that the top two of the most searched are appropriate, but “suzy bishop underwear porn” and worse “free kiddie porn movies”?

    The people searching for those should be thrown in jail.

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