A Few Thoughts on Google+

I’m really loving Google+ (what is it?). Its user interface is slickly streamlined and it offers a lot of attractive social features. I plan to make my main social network moving ahead.

I doubt that it will usurp Facebook as social network king. However, Google+ doesn’t need to do that to be a success. The young social network has over 10 million users already and its only a few weeks into its “invite only” beta phase. My guess is that we are entering into a social network version of “Mac vs. PC.” Some people will swear by Facebook, others will prefer Google+.To each his own but for me its Plus all the way.

Here are two of the major reasons I presently prefer Google+ over Facebook…

1. Social Distinctions

In Zuckerberg’s world everyone is friends. Reality is very different. Mere relationships and associations don’t equal friendships in the real world. We don’t treat our close friends, business contacts, family members, and acquaintances equally. In the real world we make distinctions. There are things that shouldn’t be shared in mixed company.

The Circles feature allows you to organize your relationships according to real world social distinctions. This is my favorite feature so far. You can easily control who sees you individual posts. Mom might not want to see a business related tech article. Create a circle for your techie friends. You might not want mom to see that you heading to town for a surprise visit. Create a circle for family members. Create as many or as few as you need.

Here are a few of my circles: Friends, Acquaintances, Church, Friends of Friends, etc.

2. Data Liberation 

It is pretty difficult to export the data you’ve got stored in your Facebook account. You need some special plugins to make it happen and even then the results are spurious. Not so with Google+. You can download a zip file of all your photos, profile info, circles, and even your entire stream (think Facebook newsfeed). Never let your information be held hostage again.

What are you thoughts?

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